Supporting the future of 
Broadhalfpenny Down

Corporate bodies, trusts and individuals are invited to help BDPT by contributing to its running costs and developments. The future of the Broadhalfpenny Down ground, which holds such a special place in the history of cricket and is revered by cricket lovers throughout the world.  

Your support of our endeavours to secure the future of BHD and do all we can to help young cricketers, particularly those with learning difficulties, the disadvantaged and the visually impaired will be much appreciated.

How you can help

Trusts, Institutions and Corporate Body Donations

If you are part of a trust, institution or corporate body, you can make donations for general use or specified projects within the club. Your contributions may be acknowledged in a variety of ways, to find out more please give us a call on 01730 825711 or email
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Individual Donations

Individuals can make donations, preferably with Gift Aid (for tax payers). If you donate £100 or more you will become a member of our ‘100 Club’, whoes names are recorded in a book kept in the pavilion during the cricket season. If you donate more than £1,000 you are recorded as major donors and may, if you wish, host a match on BHD.  

You can also join our 50/50 draw by completing a form and paying £60 for a years membership, which may be £5 monthly, £15 quarterly or by a single payment. Half of the 50/50 fund is distributed in prizes, for which there are 10 monthly draws in the months of February to November.

Private Receptions and Parties

Broadhalfpenny Down provides an idyllic setting for wedding receptions and other parties during the months of May to September. For further details, please contact us on 01730 825711 or email


BDPT has bone china mugs, on which the Bat & Ball sign and the pavilion are depicted, postcards and a variety of BHD related booklets for sale on the premises, or you can order them by phone or email for delivery around the world. 
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