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Ground Update

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Lots of winter work has been carried out on the square. The grass coverage is even and has already had a light cut with the mower at a high setting. Next is spiking and the application of fertilizer. Weed control of both the square and the outfield will be undertaken in March.

The tree afflicted with Ash Dieback on the West boundary of the ground has been felled as were several other dead ash trees within the copse. Some of the arisings have been removed for conversion into charcoal and the remainder left on site for the benefit of wildlife.

We have an upcoming visit from Hillier Nurseries to advise on how we might plant a few new trees on the West boundary. We have had a couple of generous requests to plant commemorative trees during the 250th Anniversary Year and anyone wishing to donate towards this, or other improvements like a new electronic scoreboard, please speak to one of the Committee or use the Donate button on the website; your help is appreciated.

The astroturf was cleaned and swept for the highly successful New Year's Day match and Adam and Guy have replaced the pedestrian gate opposite The Bat and Ball.

There has been a certain amount of mole activity behind the pavilion and at the edge of the ground. This can be expected when there is no heavy machinery trundling around. However, the moles will be encouraged to seek pastures new!

Harry Bates on Sweeping Duty on New Year's Day

The stylish Guy Ladenburg and the posh new gate

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