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New Painting of Broadhalfpenny Down

To celebrate his 60th birthday, former England wicket-keeper Jack Russell has a new exhibition featuring 60 of his favourite paintings.

Amongst this collection, is a small painting he created whilst on the balcony of the pavilion at Broadfhalfpenny Down, watching the 250th Anniversary of First Class Cricket match.

Scoreboard operator, Neil Wood, and Announcer, Robbie James, watched on whilst Jack etched the view down the Hambledon Valley and with a cricket match in play as it would have been all those years ago. The green caps are the fielders of the All England side, the batting side are the Hampshire All Stars.

Jack, one of the nicest men in cricket, said “he just saw the view and thought it was so lovely he had to paint it”. The exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery in London is raising money for Chance to Shine charity that aims to get more kids from all backgrounds enjoying cricket.

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