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Unity Bat visits Broadhalfpenny Down

A specially commissioned bat called ‘The Light of Unity’ developed by B3 Cricket was presented at Broadhalfpenny Down on behalf of prominent faith leaders from across all major religions.

Launched by the Green Park Foundation, a charitable organisation focused on social value generation, the Unity Statement and the Light of Unity forms part of a wider initiative that aims to raise £1m per year in positive societal change through sport.

Supporters include Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the National Asian Cricket Council, the African Caribbean Cricket Association, and Buddhist teacher Ani Pema Deki.

Mohammed Sadiq Patel, Green Park Foundation Board member, said “The beauty of the Light of Unity bat is its simple focus on how kindness and equality speak to the heart of all belief systems. Its power is it has brought together more UK faith leaders than anything of its kind before. Its impact will accelerate speaking truth to institutions and aligning their influence to make real accountability a blessing which benefits those for whom equality can no longer remain a dream.”

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