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Broadhalfpenny Down
Press Cuttings & Bibliography

Broadhalfpenny Down has been featured in numerous newspapers and cricket magazines, most recently in The Times and Sunday Telegraph.

Bibliography of The Hambledon Club and Broadhalfpenny Down.

Compiled by Stephen Saunders; please let us know via the contact page of any errors or omissions so we can update this list. 


The Wiccamical Chaplet, A Selection of Original Poetry

edited by George Huddesford, pub. Leigh, Sotheby & Son 1804


Cricket Song. For The Hambledon Club, 1767

by Rev. Reynell Cotton (pages 131-133)

Pierce Egan’s Book of Sports and Mirror of Life

printed for T.T. and J.Tegg, Cheapside, London 1832, No. XXII The Cricketers (Hambledon – page 338)

The Young Cricketer's Tutor

by John Nyren pub. Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange, London 1833 (ten further editions were published)

Leigh Hunt’s London Journal, Wednesday, May 21, 1834

Containing review of The Young Cricketer’s Tutor and a personal description of John Nyren

The Cricket Field

by James Pycroft pub. Longman, Brown, Green and Longman 1851 (eight further editions were published)

Chronicles of Cricket

pub. Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London 1888 including Nyren’s Cricketers Guide


Nyren’s Cricketer’s Tutor

A New Edition with an introduction by Charles Whibley pub. David Nutt, The Strand 1893


Hambledon – E. V.Lucas’s Pilgrimage of 1896

Scrapbook. Also containing another pilgrimage described in Bailey’s Magazine of April, 1903


Old cricket and Cricketers

by H.H. Montgomery, D.D. pub. H.Stracey Gold, London & Wright & Co. London  1890


The 1p Pictorial Magazine

July 7th 1899 edited by Charles P. Sisley

A Peep into the Past

by W.R.Weir pub. Ayres 1902

Nyren’s Cricketer’s Tutor (The Sportsman’s Classics)

edited with an introduction by F.S. Ashley-Cooper pub. Gay and Bird, London  1902

Memorials of old Hampshire

edited by G.E.Jones pub. Bemrose 1906 contains ‘The Hambledon Cricket Club’ by Horace Hutchinson

The Hambledon Men

edited by E.V.Lucas pub. Henry Frowde, London 1907


Hambledon v. All England 1908

Illustrated Souvenir of the Cradle of Cricket no imprint 1908

Hambledon, Hants, Past & Present

by Dora Goldsmith

pub. T.Martin & Sons, 11 & 12 The Broadway, Bromley 1908

The Cradle of Cricket. A Hambledon Souvenir

by W.R.Weir pub. Wright & Co. 1908 (2nd edition 1909)


The Illustrated London News, August 12 1922 – 246.- The Birthplace of Cricket: Hambledon, Hants

by E.H.D. Sewell


All About Lyss

by Mrs. Bashford pub. D.H.Watney   1922


The Hambledon Cricket Chronicle 1772 – 1796

by F.S.Ashley-Cooper pub. Herbert Jenkins Ltd., London 1924


Cricket Match. New Year’s Day 1929

Broadhalfpenny Down, Hambledon, Hampshire Eskimos v. Invalids programme


The Cricketers of Hambledon song with a chorus for voice and piano

composed by Peter Warlock (pseudo.), words by Bruce Blunt (composed for the above match)


A Match at Cricket Hambledon v. H.M.S.Nelson, Broad-Halfpenny Down, 1st August 1931

souvenir programme printed on board H.M.S.Nelson,  Portsmouth 1931


East of Itchen

by Gordon Lee Wheeler pub. Wodeland Publications, Guildford 1932


English Leaves

by E.V.Lucas pub. Methuen & Co. Ltd., London 1933 including John Nyren and The English Game


Nyren. A Short Bibliography

by G.Neville Weston privately published 1933


Cricket, Its Origin and Development

introduction by T.W. Garrett. book by George L. Garnsey pub. John Sands Ltd., Sydney  1935


The Island

by F.B. Young

pub. Heinemann 1944

including ‘On Windmill Down A.D. 1789

The Open Road

by E V Lucas pub. Grant Richards 1899 contains an article on Tom Sueter by John Nyren.


The Field is Full of Shades

by G.D. Martineau

pub. Sporting Handbooks, London  1946


Cricket on Saturday

by Graham White pub. Sporting Handbooks 1947 contains a chapter entitled The Way Back


The Cowden Clarkes

by Richard Daniel Altick pub. Oxford University Press   1948


The Cricketer’s Tutor: 1833 introduction by Neville Cardus

wood engravings by John O’Connor pub. The Dropmore Press, London   1948


From Hambledon to Lord’s. The Classics of Cricket

edited by John Arlott pub. Barry Shurlock & Co. Ltd., Winchester 1948 (new edition 1975)

including The Cricketers of My Time by John Nyren


Inns of Sport

pub. Whitbread & Co. Ltd. 1949 including The Bat and Ball, Hambledon


Cricket all his Life

by E.V. Lucas assembled and arranged by Rupert Hart-Davis

pub. Rupert Hart-Davis   1950 contains chapters on Hambledon and John Nyren


Hambledon v. Feathercombe 1928-1950 The story of a village cricket match

by W. Dean pub. Milford, Surrey 1951


Hambledon Cricket and The Bat and Ball Inn

by Diana Rait Kerr pub. Henty & Constable (Brewers) Ltd. 1951 reprint 1963


A grand Coronation festival old-time match at cricket on Broad Halfpenny Down Saturday 30th May 1953

The Men of Hambledon v. Ancient Firemen pub. Buckley Press Ltd. 1953

The Men of Hambledon v. Ancient Mariners