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Halfpenny Coin

Updated: May 13

The halfpenny was a common coin used during the reign of King George III when Broadhalfpenny Down was at the heart of cricket in England.

These copper coins, stamped with the monarch's image on one side and Britannia on the reverse, were a testament to the flourishing economy and vibrant culture of Georgian Britain.

At the local Hambledon market, the halfpenny could buy a few apples or a handful of nails for a blacksmith, whilst up at the Bat and Ball a couple of halfpennies would buy a beer. Spectators could use a halfpenny to bet on the outcome of cricket matches played by The Hambledon Club at Broadhalfpenny Down, adding to the sport's excitement.

Today, an original 1772 halfpenny coin is used for the toss before some of the games at Broadhalfpenny Down.

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