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Shane Warne & Hampshire Cricket

On the first anniversary since we lost Shane Warne, local broadcaster Robbie James has released a heartfelt podcast about how a bumbling provincial county cricket team on the verge of insolvency was able to attract arguably the best test match bowler there has ever been.

Robbie is a friend of Broadhalfpenny Down, and volunteered to be the guest announcer for the 250th Anniversary of the First Class cricket match where he spent the afternoon on the pavilion balcony, microphone in hand, chatting all things sport with Neil Wood, Laura Northwood, Gladstone Small, and Jack Russell!

Robbie James at the 250th Anniversary of First Class Cricket, and with his father as a junior cricketer; Robbie spoke to his father for the first time in 6 years after Shane Warne died of a heart attack in 2022

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