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Take your place in cricket history

Free ticket for the 250th anniversary weekend celebrations with every purchase

Personalised stones are now available to order to form an addition to the Monument to the Glory of Cricket at Broadhalfpenny Down. Only 100 stones are available, and they will be made of the same Cornish granite with a personalised etching of your choice. They will be installed after the end of the 2022 season to leave a lasting legacy and association with cricket.

All proceeds from the sales of stones will go to funding the charitable work of Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust and to funding the development of junior cricket at Hambledon Cricket Club.

Until June 17, every order will come with a free weekend ticket for the 250th anniversary weekend matches between Hampshire All Stars v All England, and the Broadhalfpenny Brigands v Hambledon.

For more information, and to order click on the button below or visit the shop in the menu above.

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