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The best team photo

Updated: May 7

Many of the cricket clubs who visit Broadhalfpenny Down take a souvenir photo before, or after, their match at the cradle of cricket.

Some do it in front of the pavilion, some on the outfield and some by The Monument to the Glory of Cricket. Some teams elect for a photo by themselves and others with both teams together.

With Umpires and Scorers? With a team flag? And then there is the caps on or caps off debate, and the hands on knees dilemma.

Which one is best?

Hornsingham, Ashford Hill, Sunday Barbarians, and London New Zealand cricket clubs

Invalids CC, Cornwall Over 60s, Brigands 2022, and both Briganfds and Butterflies

Brigands away at Blenheim Palace, Blind & Visually Impaired T20 winners Surry, Old Seagullians & Brigands, Invalids

New Year's Day 2022, Hollywood, Vagabonds, Australian High Commission

South East Hampshire Under 11s, Brigands 2022, Brigands & Hursley during Covid restrictions, Brigands & MCC

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