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The return of Elgan's Marvels

We were delighted to welcome back, for this year's Whitchurch match, the esteemed journalist Elgan Alderman.

Elgan was asked by The Times to write their main piece celebrating the 250th Anniversary of First Class cricket, and he penned a marvelous article that evoked the atmosphere of how cricket would have been played in Hambledon back in 1772.

To celebrate his return, here is the article for everyone to enjoy; with huge thanks to The Times for providing brilliant cricket journalism and continuing to support us at Broadhalfpenny Down.

In the match against Whitchurch, Elgan played like a true Brigand by getting a Golden Duck but then taking a spectacular catch to help clinch a last ball win.

Elgan Alderman in action at Broadhalfpenny Down, and the commemorative scorecard featuring his exploits on the anniversary in June 2022. Photographs by Dave Vokes.

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