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Bat & Ball; the podcast

A new short format podcast has been made to share the history of, and some of the stories, from Broadhalfpenny Down. Known as the Cradle of Cricket, it was home to the legendary Hambledon Club, the acknowledged authority on the Laws of Cricket, and is one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in England.

Mike Beardall commented: "On the back of our successful celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the first-ever First Class match being played on the ground, we hope that a lively discussion-based podcast might help bring the ground to life for a wider audience".

This podcast will include stories of how the game of cricket we know today evolved, how laws such as the third stump, the width of the bat, and overarm bowling came to be, the characters who played the game both today and in the eighteenth century, as well as news about the current cricket being played at Broadhalfpenny Down.

Gerry Northwood added: "We would like these podcasts to be an enjoyable way for more people to become acquainted with this jewel in the cricketing crown, resonating with cricket lovers the world over."

Bat & Ball is available on Global Player, Spotify, TuneIn and will soon be available on most podcast platforms. The first three episodes feature Mike Beardhall & Gerry Northwood with production by David Henderson and Tasnim Begum.

Episodes can be accessed here, via Global Player, on the web, on Android or Apple mobile.

Screen showing podcast episodes
The first 3 episodes on Global Player

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