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Brigands v Nairobi Nomads

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Bearders rolls back the years with devastating 5 for 6

The scorching weather conditions on Wednesday afternoon would have made the Nairobi Nomads, with their African savannah heritage, feel very much at home during their visit to Broadhalfpenny Down on Wednesday 21 July. The Brigands elected to bat and after an initial wobble and slow start, Henderson Senior (68) cranked through the Brigands gears supported by opener Flewitt (26) and Turner (44 no), and the Brigands were able to declare after 40 overs on 201 for 8.

The Nairobi Nomads struggled from the outset with their No1 removed by birthday boy Wood (2 for 21) first ball to a pearler that started in the corridor of uncertainty and cut to the top of off stump. The Nomads, while clearly unsettled by other early losses brought about by the perennially accurate bowling of Bath (2 for 15) and some solid Brigands catching, were able to steadily accumulate runs and though lacking wickets in hand, at 20 overs were not entirely out of the game. And then Brigands skipper Beardall struck. With 3 wickets already in the bag from his first spell, a single over was all it took to remove the last two Nomad wickets, bringing the game to a close.

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