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Brigands enjoy a comfortable win over Nairobi Nomads

Brigands skipper Gerry Northwood won the toss for the second time in two games and this time elected to bat first. Suffice to say, this played better with those Brigands who are sensitive to the afternoon heat, than Sunday's decision to field first.

Mark Flewitt and Dave Turner opened the Brigands account with a pair of 50s and retired to make way for the rest of the Brigands youthful yet strong batting line up. Batters 3 to 7 all played their part with the standout performance coming from Zeb Jay who totally over matched the Nomads bowlers and batted with supreme confidence to quickly ratchet up 46* at the declaration. At tea, Brigands 220 for 6.

The Nomads chase stuttered on the third ball with the fall of a wicket - an audacious reverse sweep that misfired as an LBW. Thereafter, the Nomads batting settled down and there was no mistaking that their run chase was fully underway. Within the space of 8 overs they were nudging 100 before Mike Bath (5-33), Hari Walton and Jemima Bowman (2-7) steadied the ship with accurate and demanding bowling, and

cut their way through the Nomads batting line up.

Brigands won by 81 runs.

Picture shows Jemima Bowman striking her first ball on Broadhalfpenny Down to the boundary.

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