Preservation Trust

The Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust ensures the long-term future of Broadhalfpenny Down, on which cricket continues to be played regularly for the enjoyment of players, spectators and the many who make pilgrimages to the ground from all over the world. 

About The Trust

The Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust was incorporated in 2010 and granted charitable status in 2012. It is responsible for raising the funds to fulfil the following objectives: 

1. For the benefit of the public to protect, preserve, maintain and improve the historic cricket ground at Broadhalfpenny Down as a feature of special historical interest and its facilities.

Working closely with the Brigands Cricket Club the trust has worked on a number of continuous ground improvement projects ensuring the buildings, infrastructure and equipment is well cared for. 


2.To promote community participation in healthy recreation by providing the cricket ground for the training and playing of cricket for the benefit of (amongst others) young people including those with learning difficulties and disabilities and those who might otherwise have limited access to recreational facilities.

To actively support the ECB’s strategy ‘Inspiring a generation’ the Trust hosts a number of youth, disability and visually impaired matches throughout the season.


3. To promote the education of the public on matters connected with the history of the cricket ground and thus the history of cricket itself.

The Trust is delighted to arrange media visits, events and tours to promote the history of the ground and the ‘Glory Days of Hambledon’.


4. To do all such things as shall be conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

It is the Preservation Trust's responsibility to raise the funds required for the maintenance and improvement of the ground and the hosting of matches and events it sponsors.


The Trust is proactive in seeking opportunities to promote both the history and the future of Cricket. It is the Preservation Trust's responsibility to raise the funds required for the maintenance and improvement of the ground and the hosting of matches and the events it sponsors.  

Support Our Future

Corporate bodies, trusts and individuals are invited to help Broadhalfpenny Down by contributing to its running costs and development. The future of the ground, which holds such a special place in the history of cricket and is revered by cricket lovers throughout the world.

Your support enables our endeavours to preserve Broadhalfpenny Down, help young cricketers, particularly those with learning difficulties, the disadvantaged and the visually impaired.

Hampshire Visually Impaired Cricket Club
The club was formed in late 2008 and played its first competitive match in 2009 in the same year that they first played at Broadhalfpenny Down against a Sussex XI as part of the Brigands’ Jubilee cricket week.  They are sponsored by the Primary Club, Hampshire CC, British Blind Sports and Sport England and affiliated to Blind Cricket England and Wales (BCEW) the governing body for visually impaired cricket.  Hampshire won the BCEW South and West Development League in 2014. The Club welcomes new players, those who play in league and cup matches should be members of British Blind Sports and hold a sight classification certificate.  Visually impaired cricket is played with a small-sized football which makes a clearly discernible noise when it bounces.  It is a skilful and competitive game.

Special Schools Cricket
Hampshire CCC was a pioneer in setting up cricket coaching for the disabled and youngsters with special educational needs.  Kwik-cricket coaching takes place in Special Schools across the county and their seasons work towards a finale which has been hosted on Broadhalfpenny Down for many years.  For secondary schools, after competition throughout the season, the finals of the Danny Bond League take place on the Down.  For primary schools, after coaching and playing Kwik-cricket through the Summer, up to 8 schools participate in the Festival at BHD to find the shield winners.

South East Hants Cricket Association
SEHCA is one of several county district associations in Hampshire nurturing young cricketers from ages 10 to 16.  Age group squads are selected and usually begin indoor coaching in January.  There are inter-district matches and competitions throughout the season at which selections are made for County representative teams. Broadhalfpenny Down has hosted numerous SEHCA matches over the years and is usually the venue for outdoor training in the early part of the season. 

Trusts, Institutions and Corporate Body Donations

If you are part of a trust, institution or corporate body, you can make donations for general use or specified projects within the club. Your contributions may be acknowledged in a variety of ways.

Individual Donations

Individuals can make donations, preferably with Gift Aid (for tax payers). If you donate £100 or more you will become a member of our ‘100 Club’, name of which are recorded in a book kept in the pavilion during the cricket season. If you donate more than £1,000 you are recorded as major donors and may, if you wish, host a match on Broadhalfpenny Down.

You can also join our 50/50 draw by completing a form and paying £60 for a years membership, which may be £5 monthly, £15 quarterly or by a single payment. Half of the 50/50 fund is distributed in prizes, for which there are 10 monthly draws in the months of February to November.

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