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Brigands hit the last day of the season for sixes

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

On a day of late summer sunshine, the Brigands closed their season with a fun and memorable "sixes blast" at Broadhalfpenny Down. Three teams of 5 competed with each other in two full rounds of exciting cricket which produced several champagne moments. Stand out among these were Harry Bate's remarkable maiden over, Richie Hay's power of command in loudly calling a run when he was last man standing, and the magnum moment, Zeb Jay catching Guy Ladenburg on the boundary at square leg one handed and saving the six, followed a few balls later by throwing the stumps down for a run out.

Each team played each other twice, with the first round being 10 over matches with batsmen being retired and out once they hit 25 or over. This round produced some high scores of 80 plus. Points were awarded to the teams for a win, wickets taken, and for every 10 runs scored. The second round was a 5 over blast and this noticeably put the pressure on the batsmen to score quickly. Chasing 60 Team B took the game right to the wire with B's skipper Dave Henderson hitting the last ball of the match out of the ground to win the game. Ah, not quite! The scoreboard was one run ahead of the actual score in the score box and the game was a tie. Or was it? The tournament rules state that in the event of a tie, the winner would be the team with the most wickets taken. So, Team C consisting of Mike Bath, Guy Ladenburg, Mike Beardall, Ewan Lovett-Turner and Harry Bates won that game and their next against Team A and thus extended their first round lead to take the tournament trophy.

As well as team points, individual players netted points for individual batting, bowling and fielding success. These are the same as the club "fantasy league" points - 20 points for a wicket, catch or run out, and a single point for each run scored by the batsmen. It was a competitive field with 10 players netting over 70 points. However, the standout performances were Charlie Peach on 106, Dave Henderson on 127 and in lead place, the Brigands new and complete all rounder with runs, wickets, catches and a run out - Mike Bath on 165 points.

For the last event of the season the the Brigands BBQ was rolled out into the sunshine and Brigands Chairman and master chef Nick Harris led a superb team turning out the burgers and sausages.

Finally, this really was a team effort from the setting up of the ground, the BBQ and cakes, the scorers and the umpires, and could not have been done without the total commitment of all involved.

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