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Brigands v Old Wykehamists

First, the outfield mower broke, then the square mower wouldn't start-up, then the floor fell out the heavy roller; bad things come in threes.

And yet, somehow, Broadhalfpenny Down looked beautiful in time for the visit of the Old Wykehamists and the documentary maker from the International Cricket Council. Behind the scenes there was a monumental effort from Harry, Nina and Gerry; good things come in threes too.

Jay and Flewitt laid the foundations for the Brigands who pushed onto 198 with a fifty for Ladenburg and a forty for Northwood.

At tea-time players, officials and supporters enjoyed beautiful homemade sausage rolls and cake whilst caps were presented by Nick Harris, the Brigands Chairman, to Guy Ladenburg for his "consecutive fifties and important wickets" and to Dave Turner for "turning up".

Old Wykehamists went for it from the start with Wood despatched for 12 in his first over. Peach managed to keep one end tight whilst runs flowed and wickets fell at the other; there was a high catch caught by Henderson Senior, a smart low catch by Flewitt and a full toss leg-before as Henderson Junior picked up three wickets.

The match turned on a smart run out by Peach who was fielding at mid-off and whose pick up and throw clipped the bails and left the Old Wykehamists needing 20 with 2 wickets to spare.

The pressure was mounting on both sides; Old Wykehamists were taking risky singles whilst Brigands fielders started moving themselves. With only 5 runs needed a ball was hit skywards to long-on where Turner avoided the catch and yet, whilst horizontal on the ground, picked up the ball and threw to the bowlers end to Ladenburg who ran out the number 11; it sealed a 4 run Brigands victory and redemption for match-winner Dave Turner.

Bad things might come in threes, but good things come in

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