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Chairman's End of Season Message

We have managed a second season with the threat of COVID-19 hanging like a cloud over us all. That we have enjoyed an entire season of cricket on Broadhalfpenny Down is better than we might have expected at some points of the year, and I would like to pay tribute to all who have been a part of achieving this success. And this tribute includes all members of the club who have continued to enjoy playing or administering and adhered to the safety guidance that has been provided. I am not in the least ashamed that if anything the Brigands have been more zealous than many in this, and I think the proof of success has been there for all to see. So well done everyone.

I have been pleased with the standards we have maintained, and many of the good results achieved. More than anything I have been pleased with the level of pleasure that our cricket has brought, not just to ourselves but just as importantly to the opponents against whom we have played. There is absolutely no question that the way that we play, the fair challenges we set, the standards of sportsmanship and hospitality we set all result in afternoons of sporting fun. This fun is contagious, and we all want to come back for more week after week. It is even better now that once more much banter can be exchanged in the pub afterwards! I congratulate all Brigands members, our loyal and dedicated umpires and scorers, and the selfless efforts of supporting tea-providers in their individual efforts to achieve this. All together this standard-setting becomes THE mark of the Brigands.

Behind the scenes we must be hugely grateful that all members of the Committee have put in hours of work in each of their areas of responsibility, providing us all with a sound financial base; a good range of fixtures; a terrific website complemented by modern communications; and a ground of which we are all extremely proud.

As usual much background work will be taking place during the off-season (especially but not only on the cricket square), with the aim of bringing us all back to Broadhalfpenny Down, geared up and ready in all respects for a spectacular new season beginning in the spring.

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