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Champagne Moments

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Each game at Broadhalfpenny Down has a champagne moment, and this year each of these moments earns 20 fantasy points and goes into the hat for consideration for the Champagne Moment of the Season where the overall winner gets a bottle of Champagne courtesy of our friends at Veuve Clicquot.

The Brigands Committee has confirmed the first

Champagne Moments of the 2021 Season as ...

v Newport ... Paul Whittle for that diving catch

v Hursley ... Graham Inglis for his first (and possibly last) ever wicket

v Vagabonds ... Adam Jay for giving catching practice off the first ball

v Sons of Bachus ... Gerry Northwood for bowling figures of 0.1 overs and 6 runs conceded

v Petersfield ... Dave Hemsley for getting tackled by the artificial whilst attempting a catch

v Old Woks ... Dave Turner for effecting a run-out whilst sitting on his backside

Congratulations to the winners so far and we look forward to more moments like this in the weeks to come.

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