Champagne Moments

Here are the Champagne Moment winners from the last 7 games.

Droxford - Jonas Waktare for a 50 yard run out that sparked a collapse

Rioteers - Paul Woolvine for turning up for a game

Oundle - Harry Bates for a one-handed stop featuring a forward roll to finish

Saints - Paul Whittle for a catch behind while attempting to stump the batsman 10 times.

Portsmouth - Dougie Henderson for a six out the ground & saving his Dad’s life

Old Seagullians - Ed Hands for a half-a-game-hat-trick

Nairobi Nomads - David Hathaway for the longest commute & great umpiring

Winners each get 20 fantasy points and entry into the end of season Champagne Moment competition sponsored by our friends at Veuve Clicquot.

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