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Changes to Cricket Laws for 2023

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The latest changes include gender-neutral terminology and batsmen are now batters. Obvious really, just like bowlers!

Law 1 – Replacement players now adopt the warnings incurred by the player they are replacing

Law 18 – When a batter is out caught, his replacement will come into the striker’s end unless it was the last ball of the over.

Law 20 – There are several changes to the Dead Ball law – and one for Broadhalfpenny is that Dead Ball is called if a dog or person strays onto the playing area. There is also a retrospective call of Dead Ball when the ball is dead from the time of the relevant incident. These changes mainly for umpires to get their heads around!

Law 21.4 - a bowler can no longer throw the ball to run out an advancing batter – it will now be Dead Ball.

Law 22.1 - Wides - with batters moving about so much as the bowler runs up, especially in limited overs matches, the law on judging a wide has been amended. Another for umpires to get their minds around.

Law 27.4 and 28.6 - Unfair movement of fielders – was a Dead Ball, will now be 5 penalty runs

Law 38.3 - Running out of the non-striker by the bowler. Controversial for some years and attracted much media noise again this year. However, running out the non-striker is neither against the Laws nor the Spirit of Cricket and this is emphasised by moving it to the Run Out law.

Law 41.3 - The COVID introduction of no saliva on the ball has now been made permanent and will be treated as for any unfair damage to the match ball.

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