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Cricket Policy for Remainder of 2021 Season

In considering how to best to manage cricket on Broadhalfpenny Down for the remainder of the 2021 Season, the Broadhalfpenny Brigands CC will abide by, and interpret where needed, any government or ECB law, directive or guidance while at the same time providing an appropriate environment in which to play that offers all individuals either the freedom or reassurance they would wish while the COVID pandemic remains extant.

Cricketers and officials who come to Broadhalfpenny Down are individually all different with different needs and personal concerns that range across most ages and health vulnerabilities. The Pavilion itself is relatively small and poorly ventilated although it does offer the usual facilities inside.

Pavilion use

  1. The Pavilion is open.

  2. Access to the Kitchen will be for the sole use of those providing refreshments.

  3. Lavatories are open for use as signed.

  4. The changing rooms are small, poorly ventilated spaces that inhibit much ‘distancing’. In recognition of that, the opposition will continue to be offered the use of the pub end of the Marquee which will provide a better ventilated space for players and their kit.

  5. The showers are ‘Out of Use’.

  6. Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided in and outside the Pavilion.


  1. Tea will be provided in the traditional way, in the Marquee.

  2. Drinks, at drink intervals in play, will be provided on-field.

  3. The outside water tap at the Marquee end of the Pavilion is available for players to top-up their own water carriers.

Field of play

  1. Umpires shall not accept players’ clothing/equipment nor will they touch the ball. Only the umpires will handle the stumps or bails.

  2. Hand sanitising liquid will be provided on the field for the use of those who wish.

  3. Bowlers may use sweat, but not saliva to polish the ball.

  4. Breaks in play for hand sanitising should be agreed between captains and officials at the time of the toss.

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