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Cricketing Royalty visits Broadhalfpenny Down

The Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust (BDPT) and the Bat and Ball were delighted to host New Zealand's Test team Captain, Kane Williamson and the International Cricket Conference World Test Championship Trophy for a photocall following New Zealand's victory over India at the Ageas Bowl on Wednesday 23 Jun. Kane had his picture taken with the unusual gold and silver mace on the monument to the 'glory days of cricket' and Richard Nyren's Hambledon team of 1750-1787, and also in the historic Bat and Ball pub. Mike Beardall, Chairman of the BDPT said, "It has be a delight to host Kane and the ICC media team here today at the location of the acknowledged first First class game of cricket, the forerunner to Test Cricket, which was played on this ground 249 years ago - we are looking forward very much to our significant celebrations to mark the 250th anniversary of that momentus game next year. It is a fitting tribute that the ICC choose this as the location for the skipper of the winning team - one of the world's greatest cricketers - to be photographed with the new trophy". This is the second ICC trophy to visit Broadhalfpenny Down in recent years as the Men's Cricket World Cup made a guest appearance in 2019 ahead of the competition and England's memorable victory over the New Zealand one day side.

Credit: ICC

Credit: M Beardall

Credit: ICC

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