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Meet the Officials: Nina Bates

After some subtle persuasion by Hazel Banes-Walker, Nina began, in the 1980s, learning to score under the tuition of Cheryl Parry, the regular scorer for the Brigands. They scored together for many years, being able to produce two scorers for most matches.

Nina says "it is still a lot of fun, has provided anecdotes and good friendships amongst both Brigands, visiting team members and the families that have come to support players".

Many guests, and new Brigands, comment on how welcome Nina makes them feel. Dougie Henderson named Nina as one of his favourites on playing his first couple of games with the Brigands.

Nina has provided invaluable help with the ground work too, from look after the beech copse and applying icepacks on bruises to making delicious teas and quietly taking care of all the little tasks that help to make cricket clubs places of fun and friendship.

Nina added "It really has been and remains, a privilege to be part of the Brigands family."

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