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Meet the Officials: Peter Danks

It all began with Subbuteo Cricket and Howzat growing up. Peter scored for his local village side, then went on to playing and skippering in village cricket prior to joining Royal Navy. His playing career included scoring 133* for Nomads in Hong Kong where cricket was sponsored for scores over 70, taking 5 wickets, and holding 3 catches.

Peter was Secretary of the Royal Navy Cricket Club for 12 years and arranged 5 overseas tours, with Indian teams providing the stiffest opposition.

Peter is a qualified umpire, coach, and an Advanced Scorer; he has tutored many young scorers and his highlights include scoring for the Rest of the World during their tour to commemorate MCC Bicentenary when Allan Border was captain, scoring 6 matches in the 2019 World Cup, and last year scoring in the Test Final between India and New Zealand.

A master of his craft, Peter encourages potential scorers to become qualified to their best. He feels that the introduction of computers scoring programme has made the easier but less personal; "computers provide excellent information to the first-class counties but I enjoy the traditional score book and the satisfaction of balancing the books on completion of the match".

Peter is a much-loved part of Brigands Cricket and believes good communications between Captains, Umpires and Scorers make for a better game of cricket.

It all started with Subbuteo ... Peter has a pre-match discussion with Umpire and Chairman Nick Harris, and scoring with Sue Bailey with Editor of The Cricketer, Huw Turbervill, distracting!

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