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Broadhalfpenny Green

The sun is about to come out and the cricket season will be soon upon us.

The two most popular items in the Broadhalfpenny Down shop, which sold out last season, have been replenished and we have a handful of caps and t-shirts available thanks to our friends at OMO Clothing.

The t-shirt is made from 100% organic ring-spun cotton, designed for longevity. This cotton is not grown from genetically modified seeds, nor is it grown with pesticides or fertilisers that pollute the environment. The cotton is alternated with food crops to diversify farmers income and, in association with SeaTrees, a mangrove tree is planted for every t-shirt sold (one mangrove tree stores approximately 1 ton of CO2).

Take a look at the latest offerings from the shop where all proceeds help preserve and improve the historic ground at Broadhalfpenny Down.

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