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Free Delivery at the Broadhalfpenny Down Shop in November

With Christmas coming, there are some special gifts available at the Broadhalfpenny Down shop during November. If you enter code "November" at check out you get free delivery too.

All proceeds go to the Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust and Brigands Cricket Club.

There's the ever-popular Beanie, as modeled by The Rt Hon Lord Justice Dingemans.

There are limited edition B3 bats; these are beautiful bits of willow as used by Brigands' leading run scorer in 2023 ;) with a further discount only available in November.

What about a special soft handkerchief that was even used last year by one shopper to wrap Christmas presents (Japanese Furoshiki style) and put in a cracker by another shopper.

There's the beautiful print of Broadhalfpenny Down by Jack Russell too. Cricket art at its finest.

And whilst it's not T-Shirt weather, they make great stocking fillers and last year sold out and modeled this year by leading T20 batter Adam Jay.

So please contribute to the club and at the same time get some great merchandise for yourself, or make someone very happy on Christmas Day.

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