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Meet the Officials - David Hathaway

David is a member of the Umpires Panel who hails from Essex and was first introduced to Broadhalfpenny Down by long-time Brigand Peter Tuke.

As a player, his debut match for the Brigands was an evening Twenty20 against Cowplain CC and, curiously, in the other two matches that I played for the club in that year I ended up facing the bowling of two Brigands stalwarts; Andrew Polson playing for Portsmouth Solicitors and Bryan Burns playing for the Royal Navy Signals Officers - on both occasions batting was an uncomfortable experience and I was very grateful when I was thereafter able to keep wicket to their bowling.

David reflected that "with my eyesight, hearing and reaction times all deteriorating I stopped playing at the end of the 2012 season and decided that this was the perfect time to take up umpiring".

David is a qualified Umpire, hard to influence as a bowler, and makes one of the longest commutes to fulfill his duties on Broadhalfpenny Down where he always gets a warm welcome.
David is on the back throw, third in from the left, and behind Nina and Harry.

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