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It’s not very long ago that the Brigands had no awards at all and relied on our great Corinthian Spirit to be reward enough. But things changed, awards crept in and now the consensus is that a limited number like ours are fun and bring a desirable, added piquancy to our game.

The Don Rock Trophy really began it all when Don’s widow presented the trophy to the Club. Don umpired for the Brigands and was part of the party that toured to the West Country and played against the Saints for three years, before suddenly passing away. The Brigands decided to present the Trophy to the Club’s “Best Player”, and that has merged into being the player at the top of the Fantasy League, who also won the ‘Gold Award’.

After a review, the Committee is now proposing the following awards from 2021:

The Lovett-Turner Trophy for Best Batsman

The Ken Bowell Bowl for Best Bowler

The Matt-signed cartoon "Nobody in our Team has ever caught anything" to be awarded throughout the season and the fortunate winner’s name added to a framed list adjacent to the cartoon that will hang in the pavilion.

New for 2021 is the Young Player of the Season trophy to be awarded to a player under 30 years old.

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for the top three in the Fantasy League.

Finally, the Don Rock Trophy is being opened up and will now be awarded to the club member who has made a most significant contribution over the season, guided by the Committee but voted for by all members.

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