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Christmas Best Wishes

On behalf of the Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust, and Broadhalfpenny Brigands Cricket Club, we are sending out our Christmas Best Wishes to all players, supporters and friends.

We thank you for your support during a magical year and hope that next year is just as successful.

Naturally, this is an old photo of The Bat and Ball pub and The Monument at Broadhalfpenny Down. New Year's Day 2022 was the warmest on record and the cricket pitch was dry and brown in the late Summer and we haven't seen snow for a while.

For anyone wanting last-minute Christmas presents, there is a shop on the Broadhalfpenny Down website.

If you are near to Hambledon, come and join us for drinks on Monday 12th December and then, in 2023, the first Monday of the Month at 7pm in The Bat and Ball throughout the winter months.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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