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Jack Russell to paint Broadhalfpenny Down in 2022

Renowned artist and former international cricketer, Jack Russell MBE, is coming to Broadhalfpenny Down to paint the celebration of 250 years of first class cricket at the end of June.

Jack said "I'm looking forward to painting what will be a very special occasion. If you are there you may well be captured on canvas forever!"

Jack’s cricketing pictures are legendary. He spent over 20 years in the thick of cricketing action for both Gloucestershire and England. Famed for his eccentricities and floppy white sunhat he turned professional the following year and played in 944 matches for Gloucestershire and 94 International matches for England, before retiring in 2004.

Self-taught, Jack decided to become a painter as a result of frustration at being stuck inside cricket pavilions when “rain stopped play.” Jack has painted Broadhalfpenny Down in the past but hasn’t visited since the new pavilion was erected.

A limited-edition of 250 high-quality prints are now available to purchase for £250 each including delivery (estimated November 2022 and in time for Christmas) with all proceeds going to fund the charitable work of the Broadhalfpenny Down Preservation Trust.

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